Living the SEO dreamLearn and Apply Practical techniques

Living the SEO dream

I am an SEO expert that focuses on helping small local businesses grow and increase profits.

Learn and Apply Practical techniques

Learn how to apply practical techniques that will help you and your clients succeed.

About Me

If you’ve read my other pages, or blog post, you just might yawn at this page but that’s ok.

With that said, get ready to be wowed! No really…let me explain who I am AGAIN. So…I am a dreamer. A dreamer

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Hey it’s me again.

Got a burning question? You can take a look at my homepage and learn more about this blog. You can also find me at

Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have about

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This page is just strictly to let you know that I value your right to privacy.

It is important to me that you know that. You are in safe hands being here and I take your privacy very seriously.

If this ever

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Search Engine Optimization. It’s the key to unlocking the power within the magic of the internet.

There are many “theories,” said about SEO and about how to get around the pitfalls. Believe me, there are many.

Whether you are an expert or

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Latest Posts

The Power Of Citations

01/07/2016 | No Comments

Citations are an important part of SEO work specifically local SEO work. Citations are an integral part of what helps to make your website stand out as well as the increase in your web traffic.

So what are citations?

To understand what Read more »

Optimize Your Google Listing

22/06/2016 | No Comments

A search engine is a great place to find information on just about anything these days. Search engines help to provide information to lots of people around the world on just about any subject matter. It’s a fascinating tool that makes Read more »

High Quality Content

19/06/2016 | No Comments

A website that has great content is great for SEO. Check out this website for an example of what high-quality content looks like.

When a person visits a website often times their aim is to get information the easiest way Read more »

Local SEO Tips

17/06/2016 | No Comments

When it comes to local SEO it is a slightly different from SEO on a national level.

The main difference is that its well….LOCAL duh!

Deviating from the obvious, there are also things that you have to do on a local level Read more »

Guest Post Published!

15/06/2016 | No Comments

To some, the hardest part of SEO happens to be the most important part as well. Backlinking is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Without backlinks, you’re on no man’s land.

Guest posting is the best way to Read more »

The Best Way To Get Backlinks

13/06/2016 | No Comments

In the world of SEO, it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.

Whether you are just starting out or whether you have experience, you will need to know how to get backlinks and how to get the best Read more »

The Backbone Of SEO

11/06/2016 | No Comments

The backbone of SEO is link building. If you don’t have any links then you’re pretty much a nobody and will remain a nobody until you get some backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the links like this that are highlighted and Read more »

Introducing Me

10/06/2016 | No Comments
Hey…the name’s Mark.
I’ve been doing Search Engine Optimization work for about six years now. I have helped lots of clients make money and I have had clients that I haven’t been able to do much for. Read more »